Donating a Boat to Charity is Simple!

Do you have a old boat that is taking up space in your garage that you need to sell? With the recent events occurring across the Nation, is the cost of maintaining and storing your boat becoming exorbitant? Consider making a donation to a worthy charity like Giving Center! We take your boat or watercraft of any size running or not! You can donate small boatsdonate large boats, donate power boats, donate a sailboat, donate used boatsdonate new boatsdonate a houseboats, donate a jet ski, all in all, make a Charitable Boat Donation today and receive Free Towing and a fantastic tax deduction in the process!

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Charity Boats was formed with a mission to improve the health, economic and social conditions of the men, women, and children we serve. Our charitable donations program has helped many individuals and needy families, throughout the United States get back on their feet. Charity Boats recognizes the needs of others both great and small, especially during the Pandemic!

We draw on the brightest minds and most generous hearts in our communities through a network that brings together caring individuals who want to help to those who need help — people just like you! We handle all the details to ensure your boat donation is a smooth and a pleasant experience. Feel great knowing that your boat donation can make a difference! We go the extra mile which is what makes Charity Boats so unique and extraordinary in the nonprofit charity industry.

We take boat donations and watercraft donations in all 50 U.S, States and major U.S. cities and towns. In fact, we offer fast, free pickup of your charitable donation! So whether you want to make a California boat donation, North Carolina sailboat donationHawaii yacht donation, or Texas houseboat donation, we’re prepared to handle it all!

How do I donate my boat? You can call us 1–888–228–7320 or visit our website and fill out the online boat donation form. It is FAST, FREE, and EASY!

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