Make a Car Donation to Charity

If you have a car, truck, RV, or even boat that’s been taking up storage space for quite some time, you may be wondering the best way to get rid of it. Instead of dealing with the hassle of selling your vehicle, did you know you can donate your car to a nonprofit organization and make a significant difference in the lives of those in need?

In fact, one organization that accepts vehicle donations is the Giving Center! Who is Giving Center? Giving Center is a nationwide nonprofit charity organization with a mission to help students, families, individuals, veterans, the homeless, rescues, and countless others! Giving Center is an IRS approved 501(c)3 located in the United States. With your help, we can make a difference in the lives of those less fortunate! Besides financial donations, Giving Center accepts a wide variety of other noncash donations. Including the ability to donate a car, donate a computer,donate real estate, donate a boat, donate collectibles, and so much more! For more information contact one of their live representatives at 888-228-7320 or visit any of the above links!

Now-a-days all are aware how to donate your car — Just contact the charity and they will pick up your old car. The same method applies on selling a car- Just contact to websites which buy cars in any condition and they will pick up your car from home. But the question arises here to sell your junk car or donate it to needy people? Are your financially strong or not? Do you find it appropriate to donate your car? 
If you don’t wan to take the time to clean, list, show, or haggle over your consider donating it to charity! But what are some pros to donating your car?

Pros of Donating Your Car

1.Car donation helps people in need: You have seen various people around you who can’t afford to buy a car because they are not financially strong. So by donating them your old car, you are giving them a better life.
2.You are getting rid of your waste car: Your car is total loss and it will take too much money to repair it. Why waste your money on expensive fixes when you can donate your car to charity? 
3.Donations are tax deductible. Your charitable donation of a vehicle is tax deductible! Since Giving Center is an IRS approved 501(c)3, our donors are entitled to a tax deduction! We provide you with all the paperwork you need including a donation receipt and your 1098-C to receive your tax deduction. 

But How Do You Donate a Car?If you’re unsure about how to donate a vehicle to a nonprofit, the good news is that it can be an extremely simple process. Although the process is different depending on the specific organization, Giving Center works to make your experience with us as easy as possible. You can call us at 888-228-7320 or file an online request, and we’ll pick up the vehicle for free whenever it’s convenient for you. For next to no time and effort, you can help make your community a better place. 
We can make a difference in the lives of countless people across the US with your simple donation of a vehicle! 

Where to Donate a Car

There are many organizations to which you can donate your car, though it is ideal to work directly with a reputable, well-known nonprofit like Giving Center, to ensure that your donation will be used for charitable purposes. Giving Center accepts cars, trucks, RVs, and boats for donation, with our localized branches using the proceeds to help people in the local community.

Is Donating a Car Tax-Deductible?
If you decide to donate a vehicle to a nonprofit organization, you can typically claim the donation as a deduction on your taxes for the applicable year. When you donate your car to Volunteers of America, we will provide you with an official receipt that you can utilize to claim a tax deduction on your itemized tax return for the year.

Learn More about How Donating Your Car Can Help Giving Center
Instead of letting your unused car, truck, RV, or boat take up storage space, donating your vehicle to Giving Center is a simple, tax-deductible way to make a difference in your community. When you are considering where to donate a vehicle, it can be helpful to know that when you give to Giving Center, the donation will be making a direct impact in your local neighborhoods.

Visit our website to learn more about donating your vehicle as well as other ways you can make a positive impact on your local community.

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