Making a Donation During the Holidays

During the holiday season, many people put their money toward a great cause and give to the charity or charities of their choice. But if you don’t do your research, the money you think is going to help people may be falling into the wrong hands.

Even as the coronavirus outbreak caused unemployment to spike and put a hold on some discretionary spending, many Americans are still willing to give, especially as a result of the pandemic. There is a lot of good to be done, as well as a lot of charities who can benefit from your generosity!

At the same time, there are just as many (if not more) scammers waiting to take advantage of your goodwill. In order to ensure that your donation goes to the greater good be sure to do your research! If you are looking to make a donation but don’t know where to go, be sure to check out Giving Center! With their proven track record, and easy donation process, you’ll feel great knowing you are giving to a worthy cause. 

Check out these six tips as you help spread the season’s cheer to those in need.

  1. Choose a charity you know well, based on track record, and one that is making a difference in an area that appeals to you. There are thousands of registered American charities so there’s likely one that connects with your values, passion, or personal experiences. Deciding where to give can be very personal, but make sure it’s an organization you trust to put your money to good use. If you are looking to donate to a charity that helps a wide variety of local people and communities, considering donating with Giving Center! They assist impoverished families, individuals, students, Veterans, the homeless, and smaller nonprofit organizations. Giving Center is an IRS approved 501(c)3 nonprofit charity organization that operates across the United States. 
  2. Be cautious with organizations you are supporting or learning about for the first time. If in doubt, you can always search a charity’s IRS status on their website using the nonprofit’s EIN. Find out if the organization is a registered charity and take a look at its latest financial statements, showing how much it spent on charitable work and on overhead costs.
  3. Visit the organization’s website as part of your research. Learn about the benefits of the organization’s programs and activities, its leadership, and most important, its impact — how the charity is making a difference, based on its mission and goals. For more information about Giving Center and it’s mission, visit them online at: or speak with a live representative at 888-228-7320 today!
  4. You better watch out…for fraudsters! Unfortunately, Americans lose money every year by donating to fake or non-existent charities. To keep the thieving Grinch at bay:
  • Don’t respond to suspicious phone calls asking for donations.
  • Beware of fraudulent emails appealing for funds through a link (known as phishing).
  • Before you donate online, check that the page is encrypted (there should be a padlock icon in the address window and the URL must begin with https:)
  • Legitimate store-front canvassers will seek permission from the retailer so check with the store’s management if you have doubts.
  • If a fundraiser knocks on your door, ask for official ID and phone the organization for verification.
  1. Don’t forget about “cashless giving.” If for financial reasons you can’t write a check, volunteer. You can also donate items you no longer use! Giving Center provides other charitable donation options! You can donate a vehicle, donate real estate, donate a boat, donate aircraft, donate furniture, donate computers, donate collectibles, donate art, donate antiques, and so much more! Giving Center will provide you with a tax donation receipt for non-cash gifts and the tax documents needed to receive a tax deduction come tax time! 
  2. Donations to a registered American charity qualify you for a non-refundable tax deduction. Make sure you keep your donation receipts for when you file your taxes. To take advantage of the tax credit, you need to make your donation before December 31.

For more information on how you can donate to charity, please visit Giving Center at today! We’d be happy to answer any questions you may have as well as help you through the donation process! Need assistance? Giving Center can help! Give us a call at 888-228-7320 for all your charitable needs.

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