Donate Real Estate During a Pandemic

The United States is slowly recovering from the Pandemic, and with this, many families are in need of a roof over their head.  Both individuals and charitable organizations are in great need throughout the US, which means a property donation may be ideal for willing donors in the state. Property donation is a great way for businesses and private property holders to gift their unused or unwanted real estate property to a well-deserving charity so that it may either be repurposed or utilized to generate a stream of income that can then be used to support a needy and deserving organization, individual, or family.

Do you have a house you are having trouble selling and are tired of paying taxes on it? Consider making a charitable house donation. Perhaps, you own undeveloped landcommercial propertyrental propertyindustrial property, or even farmland you are considering donating to a cause you believe in.

You may be wondering how to donate a real estate to charity in a way that benefits our communities and to those who are truly in need. Real Estate With Causes has an established charitable mission that helps those who are in need. Real Estate With Causes will assist you in making a worthwhile charitable contribution and is a nonprofit charity that can fully utilize your donation to give back to those who are reaching out for a helping hand.

Simply fill out the online donor contact form to start the real estate donation process. Real Estate Estate with causes is a vehicle for multiple types of real estate donations.

Real Estate With Causes is a branch of the Giving Center, is an IRS certified 501(c)3 nonprofit charity. You are able to donate property to Real Estate With Causes and avoid capital gains exposure because you are gifting — not selling — your house.

Talk to your trusted CPA about all the ways a charitable real estate donation can get you a great tax benefit.

Real Estate With Causes will go the extra mile to make sure you have everything you need for an enjoyable donation process. We make the process easy, we’ll handle the paperwork and the tax documents, while our donors have peace of mind. If you’d like to speak to a live representative please give us a call at 1-888-228-7320 for more information. 

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