Donate Collectibles To Charity

Almost every family has this situation: old antiques floating down the generations, mooring in basements and closets. Some items are cherished, like an old family necklace that generations of women may have worn on their wedding day. Other items can be bulky, tacky and musty, like that chest of mothballs that once contained dresses. We just don’t value family heirlooms and antiques the way our grandparents used to. People now a days would rather buy cheap, light furniture from Ikea instead of having to lug around bulky, large furniture with dated designs. The furniture industry even has a name for those pieces: “brown furniture.” 

Despite the turning tides against heirlooms, especially furniture, the time consuming process of getting rid of your antique heirlooms doesn’t have to be tedious or wasteful. Now you can donate antiquesdonate memorabiliadonate comic booksdonate sports collectiblesdonate military collectiblesdonate disney collectibles, and so much more to Collectibles with causes.


When in doubt, donate. When you submit your donation information to Collectible with Causes, they make the process of collecting your donation easy and hassle free. Most times they will even come and get bulkier items, they will pick-up around your schedule.


Many may need items for their offices or other operations. Collectibles with Causes knows how to give the items away on your behalf, as is the case with many organizations that give to the needy. They may even sell your antiques for fair market value and use the proceeds to further their charitable mission.


You can receive a tax deduction for your gracious antique donation. The IRS publication Determining the Value of Donated Property provides extensive details regarding the guidelines for donating furniture and household goods. Collectible with Causes is a part of an IRS approved 501(c)3 witch means they are able to give you a receipt that you will get a nice tax benefit come tax season.

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