Where Can You Donate Your Vehicle?

Whether you are ready to upgrade your car or you simply don’t want to hassle with the question if it will pass smog or emissions code, a vehicle donation is a great way to help a charity while also taking advantage of the tax benefits that come along with it. Giving Center’s car donation program is unique because it will make sure you get the maximum tax deduction possible.

Consider Donating An Car to Charity
Is your family still growing and now you need a bigger family car? Maybe you’re cleaning out space in your garage and you have come to the conclusion that three cars is a bit excessive. Perhaps your vehicle just needs a few repairs but you no longer want to keep investing in it. If it’s just not worth the effort to deal with any longer, donate car to charity! Are you eyeing one of those new hybrid SUV or a “green” car? Have three rows of seats with a cargo area become more than you currently need? At some point, downsizing makes sense for most of us.Even if you are simply upgrading your current car model to the next best thing, donating is often just as good or better than a trade-in. Studies show dealer trade-ins only get you about 40% of the retail value of what it is expected to be re-sold for.

Where Do I Donate My Car?

Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Look for a program that is able to maximize the net proceeds of your donation as well as helps your bottom line most, when tax time rolls around. Giving Center has a great vehicle donation program that evaluates virtually every vehicle to determine how to best add value for both donors and charities. Their team of knowledgeable representatives have many years of experience working on all kinds of vehicles including truck donationsRV donationscamper donationsmotorcycle donations, and, of course, SUV donations.With Giving Center, you don’t need to worry about dropping off your car donation at a center. You can reach one of their team members by calling 888–228–7320, simply provide a few relevant facts to get the donation process started. They can pick up anywhere, including your place of business or even a repair shop.

How Does Donating a Vehicle to Charity Benefit You?

When you decide to donate your vehicle, Giving Center will work hard to either find a great buyer or fix it up and gift it out to an individual in need. Also, they eliminate the auction / wholesale buyer/middleman, so they can typically get a larger part of the proceeds to help further its charitable mission. Helping a great cause might be reason enough for most, there are also some great perks of car donations to nonprofits:Enjoy a great Tax Deduction. After you donate your vehicle, Giving Center will give you have all the paperwork you will need for your federal tax deduction, via the official IRS Form 1098-C and Form 8283. Giving Center encourages all donors to review the IRS Charitable Contribution Deductions guidelines.

How To Donate Your Old Car

1. Go online to GivingCenter.org to fill out the simple donor contact form. This will include your basic contact information along with the information of your car you wish to donate. You may also speak to a friendly representative at 888–228–7320 to get the process started or if you have any questions.2. If the Giving Center is able to accept your donation, you will work with a local transporter to schedule your FREE TOWING. Once you provide a representative with the basic info and specify a date and time you’d like pickup, a transporter will come and tow away your vehicle and provide you with a donation receipt. Transporters can show you where to sign any documents, answer any questions, and leave you with a temporary receipt as a placeholder until you receive your official tax documents.Whether you are interested in donating a small car, a compact, mid-size, full-size, extended-length, or a luxury vehicle — you have found the best vehicle donation program, to maximize both your tax deduction and the net proceeds when you decide to donate to Giving Center.

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