How to Easily Donate a Car to Charity

When you think of trading in a vehicle for something new, car donation may not always cross you mind. Instead, you may choose to sell the vehicle to a new owner, or you may choose to trade the vehicle in after buying a new vehicle from a dealership. While these can be beneficial options, they also include the hassle of meeting with potential buyers, spending time and money on car repairs, or haggling over a sales price. Why deal with these annoyances when you don’t have to? Instead, donate car to charity and save yourself the headache.

When you donate cars to charity, specifically Giving Center, you can help to grant the wish of a local child in your community. Giving Center is part of a vehicle donation program that helps those less fortunate in local communities. Donated vehicles are either recycled or reused to build new vehicles or auctioned off for new owners to use. Earned proceeds from donated automobiles are used to benefit Giving Center, and help assist those that are impoverished.

Enjoy Extra Cash With A Great Tax Deduction

When you donate vehicles to Giving Center, you also receive an excellent tax deduction at tax time. Unlike many car donation charities, Giving Center is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Our low overhead allows us to make the most out of each and every donation, while also getting you the highest possible tax deduction. We accept most makes and models of vehicles, whether vehicles run or not, and get you a great tax deduction. Plus, you are getting rid of a vehicle in the easiest way possible.

Giving Center is a free and easy service and all we need from you is your donated vehicle! At no cost to you, we pick-up or tow away vehicles. Title requirements vary by state, but if you have questions regarding the title of your vehicle or the donation process in general, please call us to speak with an experienced vehicle donation representative. We are here to help! You may also wish to visit our FAQ page for answers to many popular car donation questions.

Donate To A Cause That Cares About People And The Planet

At Giving Center, not only do we help individuals, students, families, veterans and the homeless, but we also care about the planet. Many people are unaware of the importance of vehicle donation. Not only is it generous, but it’s also green and eco-friendly too! For example, car donation allows many different car parts to be recycled and reused to create new vehicles. Parts like the engine and transmission, tires, starters, alternators, water pumps, and gas tanks can be reused over and over again.

According to Auto Alliance, vehicle recycling is the 16th largest industry in the United States. It is estimated to be a $25 billion per year industry and recycling vehicles can provide enough steel to produce almost 13 million new automobiles. Not only does car donation help to grant assistance to those in need, but it also helps to keep your community clean and green. Car donation charities like Giving Center help to make the world a better place.

Donate Cars To Charity To Make A Difference

If you have an unwanted vehicle taking up space in your driveway or garage, please donate it to Giving Center. Your car donation will be transformed into much needed assistance, and you can truly feel great about that.

To donate a vehicle, please call 1-888-228-7320 or fill out our online donation form. Your unwanted vehicle has the potential to put a smile on a child’s face while also making the world a little greener. Donate cars today!

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