Ready to Move? Donate Your Furniture to Charity!

Moving can be a giant pain in the butt. Yet, while you’re packing up your entire existence, it’s a great opportunity to assess which of your possessions you no longer need or want (and perhaps those that don’t spark joy?) including furniture.

While it’s tempting to kick old furniture to the curb and let the garbage man take care of it, it’s much more sustainable and useful to donate such items to a charity, such as Giving Center. The best part? Many organizations are more than happy to come and lug your furniture away.

In fact, Giving Center accepts a wide variety of charitable contributions. You can donate a vehicledonate collectibles, donate a boat, donate aircraft, donate real estate, or donate furniture. Giving Center offers free pickup of your charitable donations across the United States. As a donor, you don’t have to lift a finger, as our transporters will move, load, and haul your donations.

But, because not all donations can be accepted, there are some things to keep in mind when donating furniture. Giving Center recommends checking with them before scheduling a pickup to make sure your item is something they’ll take.

Donation Dos and Don’ts

Once you’ve scheduled your pick-up, it’s time to prep your furniture. Here’s what to keep in mind:

Do make sure the items you’re looking to donate are in good working condition, requiring little or no repair.

Don’t donate items that are damaged, broken, or badly soiled.

Do thoroughly check your furniture for personal items before donating, including under cushions and inside pockets. It’s not uncommon for our teams to find cash, TV remotes, and other valuables inside the cushions of a donated couch.

Don’t donate old-fashioned “box TVs,”. They simply aren’t wanted in the age of flat-screens. (Many electronics stores like Best Buy offer pick-up of these TVs for a fee.)

Do consider each and every type of furniture as fair game, from chairs and sofas to dining tables, and even antiques. You can also donate collectiblesdonate artworkdonate jewelry, donate comic booksdonate musical instruments, donate military collectiblesdonate sports memorabiliadonate coins/currency, donate antiques, and many other items are accepted!

Don’t donate mattresses–many organizations, like Giving Center won’t accept them. Especially during the pandemic. 

Do clearly label your furniture if leaving it outside for a pick-up crew.

If you’d like to contact Giving Center to schedule your next pickup, or if you have any questions please feel free to contact our representatives at (888)228-7320 or visit us online here

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