Why You Should Donate to Charity

Here we have some of the reasons why you should donate to nonprofit organizations and charities like Giving Center! Be sure to remember to contact us either by phone at 888-228-7320 or visit our website here: http://www.givingcenter.org for more information!

1-Small charitable donations have a huge impact

We all know that people are concerned about the growing poverty but they have a single excuse: they cannot do anything about it. You should now that even a single dollar can make a huge change! Whether you want to donate a few dollars, or have the means to donate items like: computers, vehicle donations, real estate donation, or possibly donate a boat Giving Center can help guide you through the donation process!

  • With $3 a poor person can buy the bed net that will protect him or his children from mosquito-borne diseases
  • A cataract surgery requires only $35. It can help a person restore his/her vision

With even small donations you can improve the quality of life of a person.

2-It is beneficial for needy people

There are hundreds of people around the globe that need your help to progress. You can select any organization and support the cause that you want by donating money. You never know the kind of difference you may bring in the life of a person or a family. Since the start of the year, Giving Center has received over 50,000 requests for assistance from individuals, families, veterans, students, the homeless, rescues, and other nonprofits. Whether we assist with a computer, laptop, vehicle, home, or financial grant, it is only because of generous donors such as yourselves.

3-Provides a chance to create a better world

Everyone has a dream of making this world a better place. We all want a world where there is no poverty, diseases, or underprivileged. If we want to make this world a better place, then donating to nonprofit organizations and charities, like Giving Center, is the best solution. We aim to help those needing a hand up in the world. Whether it is a student in need of a computer, a family needing a vehicle, or a homeless veteran needing a place to live, Giving Center is prepared to help!

4-Peace of Mind

The biggest benefits of helping those less fortunate is the satisfaction you’ll feel.  Imagine a child had a decent dinner because of your generous contribution, or a student is able to continue their education. The happiness you receive from giving provides us with both mental and physical satisfaction. Who knows? Maybe this will motivate you to donate in the future!

5-Set an example

When you give a donation, you set an example for people around you. Your contribution may work as an inspiration to your family, friends, or coworkers. Charities can benefit from simple word of mouth like Giving Center does! We don’t pay to have radio jingles, posters, or billboards, instead we let our work speak for us. It’s our donors who help spread the word of our work and how easy the donation process is.

6-Tax benefits

Your generous contribution not only helps others, but it can help you as well! How? Because Giving Center is an IRS Approved 501(c)3 non profit organization, they can provide you with all the paperwork you need in order to receive your tax deduction.

7-Improve Society Diversity and Inclusion

Many of charities or non-profits are created to support vulnerable groups. They can be a group of minority, a religion cause, or helping vulnerable animals or humans. Essentially they will improve awareness and promotion of Diversity and Inclusions. There are many different types of Diversity in our society, and some of more popular than the others. Donating to charities definitely will help us to build a more diverse society or workplace.

Donate Today

If this has inspired you to make a donation to charity, we can help. Giving Center is ready to speak with our generous donors. They have live representatives that can speak with our donors by phone, donors can reach us by live chat, or you can submit a donor form here, and we will contact you within a few business days to go over your donation.  Whether you want to make a one-off donation, set up a donation plan, or find out how to donate your time contact us at 888-228-7320.

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