Your Aircraft Can Change Someone’s Life

Selling your aircraft can be a huge hassle. Instead of taking the time to show it, continue storing it, and paying for the maintenance fees, consider donating it to charity instead! While it may be logical for many others to donate cash, household goods, or even a vehicle donation, Giving Center is able to accept aircraft into their donation program!  Nothing is too big or small for Giving Center! When you donate to Giving Center, you will receive a great federal tax deduction for the full market value of your aircraft. What kind of aircraft can you donate? You can: donate a single prop plane, donate multi prop plane, donate an amphibious plane, donate a kit plane, donate a jet, donate a helicopter, donate ultralight aircraft, and much more!

There will come a day when your beloved airplane, which has taken you on so many breathtaking journeys, simply is not a part of your life anymore. You have spent hours flying your airplane —making new friends, visiting new places, visiting old ones, and seeing the world from brand new heights. But for one reason or another, now it sits gathering dust in the hangar. Not only is this a nonproductive asset, but it’s also deteriorating! Aircraft, much like people, like to be engaged. So, what do you do?

AVOID COSTLY AIRCRAFT FEES! You can start saving money on expensive storage dues, insurance & maintenance fees, and costly inspections. Donate your airplane to a great cause, donate airplane to Giving Center.

Of course, there is a great federal tax benefit instore for you when you donate to an IRS qualified charity. When your donated aircraft is sold by the charity, the gross proceeds received from the sale will translate into a healthy tax deduction for you. Your accountant is able to help you with the details of tax donations for your aircraft.

Some commonly asked questions:

My aircraft has not run in years. Can I still donate it to charity?

Yes, most aircraft donations can be accepted, running or not.

Are there any costs involved for the donor, like towing charges?

No. When you donate with Giving Center there is absolutely no charge to you, the donor.

What happens to my aircraft after it is donated?

Giving Center will assess your aircraft and decide how to sell it to get the most proceeds, and get you the largest tax deduction possible. You will receive a tax-deductible receipt, along with tax documentation for the amount the plane sold for in the mail.

How much can I receive as a tax deduction for my donated aircraft?

The IRS will allow you to claim a tax deduction of:
a) The value of the aircraft. It is up to you, the donor, to determine the fair market value. Or-
b) The amount the charity is able to sell your aircraft for, if the sale price happens to be more than $500.

Giving Center is an IRS certified 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. You may check with your personal tax advisor or accountant to determine the amount you can benefit from. Remember, the deduction is of value only if the donor itemizes their deductions.

A pilot’s relationship with their aircraft goes beyond the obvious. In most cases, it symbolizes cherished memories and past adventures. However, sometimes it turns into both a money and aggravation pit. If this is you, Giving Center can help. Let Giving Center turn your generously donated aircraft into a contribution that can have a lasting impact on those in need. It may just be one of the best legacies you could ever leave.

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