Donate a Vehicle Today

 If you have a used car that may be difficult to sell, or you don’t really have the time to sell it, maybe donating a used car to charity is something worth considering. Pretty much every vehicle has some value, whether it be for resale, auction, parts or scrap metal. Of course, this varies by the overall condition that your car is in. Giving Center will pick up your vehicle, running or not, and you can receive a tax deduction for your charitable donation. Giving Center offers free pick up of your charitable donation whether you’d like to donate a vehicle, donate a truck, donate an RV, donate a boat, donate aircraft, or donate collectibles!

   Generally, to sell a used car, buyers look at the overall appearance of your car and the basic mechanical shape. Those two factors will really affect the price that you could sell your car for. When donating used cars to charity, fair market value is used to determine the amount of money that you could get for a tax deduction. The fair market value could be a starting point to sell your car, but if the buyer doesn’t like the color, or the stereo doesn’t work, or other minor problems, they still might offer less money because it is not exactly what they wanted.
   When donating used cars to a charity like Giving Center, fair market value is used and those other factors make no difference. In fact, most charities will even accept cars that may not run or run very well, because they still have a value to the charity. Instead of paying someone to take away an old car, that assists people or animals and see if they could accept your vehicle for donation.
   Lastly, the idea of donating used cars to charity for a tax deduction is a very good one, but remember that you can donate trucks, boats, donate RV’s, donate ATV’s snowmobiles and even farm equipment. Not only will you get a tax break, but you will also get that great feeling that you helped out people or animals in your community in need!

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