Donate Collectibles with Giving Center

Collectibles include works of art, rugs, antiques, metals (such as gold, silver, and platinum bullion), precious gems, stamps, coins, furniture, and certain other tangible properties. Collectibles carry additional value based on rarity and market demand. The opinion of other collectors and experts, based on what they are willing to pay for your collection, determines its value. Did you know that you can donate collectibles with Giving Center?

Take a typical one-ounce gold coin or example, it is worth about $1,200 based upon the value of the metal and would not generally be considered a collectible by the IRS. A rare antique double eagle gold coin produced in the 19th century, on the other hand, could be worth $20,000 to a collector. Regardless of whether it is made of exactly the same amount of gold as the non-rare coin.

In addition to the collectibles mentioned above, here are just some examples of collectibles you can donate with Giving Center:

Donate Art

Your art collection won’t always be able to hang on the walls of your home. And like other cherished belongings, you will have to make a decision about where you want your collected art pieces to end up, before or after you die. If you decided to donate art to charity, you or your estate will qualify for a tax deduction when you donate to Giving Center.

Donate Antiques

Have you got antiques, or have you inherited antiques, that you are unsure how to store? When in doubt, donate. When you submit your donation information to Giving Center, ab expert team of representatives will help you make an antique donation that works for you. Giving Center will pick up your bulky items at no cost to you.

Donate Classic Car

Repairs can be costly for classic cars. Even finding and repairing parts for custom and vintage sports cars can cost more than payments on a newer car. When you decide to make a classic car donation to charity, the experts at Giving Center go the extra mile to find a collector or other great buyer who can appreciate your car’s history. Even if it is not running, Giving Center can typically find a buyer who will see its potential and can take it on as a “project car”, who will be committed to getting it back on the road and restoring it to its glory days.

Donate Military Memorabilia

When you donate military memorabilia, you are both adding and supplementing the understanding that other people will gain about a war while helping those who are less fortunate. Donating war collectibles is not as difficult sd you may think when you donate to Giving Center.

Whether your military collectibles are the Pre-1700 militaria, Revolutionary War collectibles, Civil War militaria, Indian War collectibles, Spanish-American war collectibles, WW I or WW II militaria, Korean war militaria, Vietnam war collectibles, Desert Storm collectibles, militaria 1992-Now, military surplus, militaria publications or other militaria, they may be of benefit.

To see more ways you can donate and make a change, please visit the Giving Center online today.

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