Rid Yourself of Your Boat Today

Do you have a boat you no longer want, or no longer want to maintain? Donate your boat with Charity Boats today! It is not easy to sell a luxury item like a boat in today’s economy, much less during a pandemic, but you can still alleviate your burden as a boat owner and enjoy some financial gain, if only in terms of a tax deduction, and help a charitable organization at the same time. The steps outlined here apply to Giving Center and what they offer charitable donors such as yourself. 

There are a number of sites that offer charitable deductions for your boat, but check to see if they are legitimate before you donate your boat. You don’t have to search further, Giving Center is an IRS Approved 501(c)3 nonprofit charity organization located in the United States! They offer free pickup of your charitable boat donation and provide you with the documentation needed to receive a tax deduction. 

Here at Charity Boats, we look forward to hearing your ideas, or perhaps providing you with some ideas of our own on the best charitable boat contribution for you.  We are available via phone, e-mail, and live chat to answer any questions that you may have. Get in touch with a charitable contribution expert at Charity Boats to discuss some options for making a boat donation.  Our volunteers are ready and willing to answer any and all questions you may have, 24 hours a day. So don’t be afraid to give us a call (888) 228-7320 or visit us at our website http://www.charityboats.org today! 

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