What Can You Donate Today?

Giving Center is a 501(c)3 nonprofit charity organization that operates nationwide. We accept a wide variety of items, and in turn, we either sell the donated item or we donate it back out to individuals and families in need. 

Whether your donated item is something as small as an Ipad, or as large as a jet, Giving Center is prepared to handle it. Our charity has been around for years, and it is only with the help of people like you that we’re able to continue. It’s donors like you that keep our charity thriving. 

So what can you donate to Giving Center? Check out the list below, and if you don’t see an option for your donation don’t worry! Contact us today and we’ll answer any questions you may have!

Car Donation – Truck Donation – SUV Donation – RV Donation – ATV Donation – Camper Donation – Boat Donation – Sailboat Donation – Motorboat Donation – Yacht Donation – PWC Donation – Jet Ski Donation Powerboat Donation – Houseboat Donation Pontoon Boat Donation – Trailer Donation Motor Donation – Aircraft Donation Airplane Donation – Helicopter Donation – Jet Donation – Donate Real Estate – Donate House – Donate Land – Donate Property – Donate Jewelry – Donate Antiques – Donate Art – Donate Laptop – Donate iPad – Donate Computer – Donate Equipment – Donate Collectibles – Donate Comics – 

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