What Kinds of Vehicles Are You Able to Donate to Charity?

When it comes to vehicle donations, many may think it begins and ends with cars. You might be surprised to learn that the Giving Center vehicle donation program accepts a large variety of vehicles. Below you will find a list of used vehicle donation types accepted:

What Does Giving Center Do with Your Donation?

In addition to selling cars to raise proceeds, the Giving Center’s vehicle donation program has another way to use your vehicles to help those in need. Your charitable donation may be re-gifted back out!

Your donation can go towards helping those who have fallen on hard times. It can help by giving families a way to become independent by providing reliable transportation to work, doctors visits, and grocery shopping.

So How Can I Donate My Vehicle?

  1. Remove all personal possessions from the vehicle. Answer fill out and submit the donor contact form OR call
  2.  1–888–228–7320 and a representative will assist you over the phone.
  3. You will be contacted by phone in a couple of business days to go over any other questions concerning your vehicle. If accepted, you would be assigned a transporter and schedule a pickup of your vehicle.
  4. Giving Center will tow your vehicle at absolutely no charge to you! Remember, they then will mail forms and a receipt for claiming a tax refund to you, if you choose to itemize deductions.

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