You Can Change Someone’s Life Today

If you have an unwanted car you’ve been looking to either sell or scrap, Giving Center makes it easy to donate today! Giving Center is a 501(c)3 nonprofit charitable organization that operates across the United States! We not only accept charitable vehicle donations, but you can donate a boatdonate aircraft,donate commercial vehiclesdonate real estate, or donate collectiblesGiving Center accepts generous car donations from people like you, and uses it’s proceeds to help individuals, families, students, Veterans, the homeless, and many others.

Giving Center makes the donation process incredibly easy! Check out the donation process below to get an idea of just how easy it really is!

Step 1: Follow the link provided here:

The link provided will take you to our donor form. Let us know who to contact, where the vehicle is located, and what type of vehicle you’d like to donate. 

Step 2: Once you submit the donor form, one of our live representatives will contact you within a couple of business days! No waiting weeks on end to have someone contact you!

Step 3: Our representatives will let you know how soon our transporter is available to pickup your charitable donation. Our transporter will receive your information and personally contact you to confirm day and time of transport.

When we receive a car donation, or a donation of any other type of vehicle, we maximize its value Want to donate car but not sure about the car donation rules? Call Online Car Donation free at (888) 228-7320 or email us with any questions and we will gladly assist you. Our car donation program has a professional and friendly staff waiting to help you donate used vehicle whether it runs or not. 

The Perfect Gift For Those In Need

A donation to Giving Center is the perfect act of charity. Something with little value to you makes a huge difference for others. Plus, Giving Center makes car donation a gift for you as well!That’s right! When you donate your car, you are on your way to a 100 percent tax-deductible receipt, free towing and pick up across the United States, and we offer a hassle-free donation process. It really pays to donate! Best of all, your donation will help Giving Center further their mission to help those less fortunate.Online Car Donation will pick your car donation up for free, anywhere in the United States, and provides you with all of the necessary paperwork to claim a fair market value tax deduction (in many cases) for your car donation if the vehicle is valued over $500. Giving Center is an even better gift when you consider the alternatives. Posting ads, haggling for a price, title transfer and transporting your vehicle are just some of the annoying parts of selling your car. On the flip side, when you donate your car, the process is easy. If you are worried about getting value from your unwanted vehicle, consider the great value you get from Giving Center. First of all, we come to you for free pick up and towing! Then, you get a great tax deduction which you will enjoy when you get your tax return. Finally, and most valuable of all, your donation will lead to the life-changing work of a dream come true for those who really need it!

Charity Is Easy!

If you’re convinced Giving Center is a good fit for you, you’re in luck because the process is very easy! All you need to do is call 1-888-228-7320 or fill out an online donation form!Giving Center is a trustworthy IRS-registered 501(c)(3) car donation organization benefiting those less fortunate all over the country. 

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