Aircraft Donation Made Easy

Have you been storing your aircraft, letting it collect dust? Does your plane no longer work and costs too much to fix? That single-engine prop plane or multi-engine prop plane can be going to a great cause and provide you with a tax deduction!

Consider donating your unused aircraft to charityGiving Center will gratefully accept almost any aircraft donation. Aircraft donations are accepted all across the United States! So if you’d like to donate aircraft in California,donate a plane in South Carolina, or donate a helicopter in Washington, Giving Center is prepared to accept your charitable contribution. Giving Center will arrange transportation of your donated aircraft and also prepare all the needed tax deduction paperwork. They will make sure your donation goes far so that it has the maximum impact on the community and those in need. When it comes to making a charitable contribution, Giving Center helps you throughout the entire donation process. 

Giving Center is an IRS 501(c)3 approved nonprofit organization. Being a registered 501(c)3 means we can accept your charitable donations and offer our donors a tax deduction that can be used for years to come. Your choice to donate aircraft of any kind can provide a great tax benefit. If you or someone you know are interested in donating aircraft, fill out the online donor contact form here to start the donation process. To help ensure you receive the maximum tax benefit, you may be required to obtain an appraisal.

While you enjoy the tax benefits, you will also experience the peace of mind that comes with knowing no other aviation charity puts your aircraft donation to better use. If your donation is accepted, you will be contacted by a local transporter to arrange transportation of the donation and exchange all necessary documentation. It’s that simple!  Best of all, the rewards to local communities are far-reaching.

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