Charitable Donations That Matter

A donor advised fund account with Giving Center simplifies charitable giving.

One tax receipt.
Strategic giving.
Creative giving solutions.

When you make a contribution to a Donor-Advised Fund of Giving Center, you’ll be eligible to receive an immediate federal income tax deduction. Once you’ve made your charitable contribution, you may select from eight investment funds or a combination of these funds, that you want your donation to be invested in. You may then recommend grants to qualified charitable organizations. You are encouraged to consult with your tax advisor or accountant prior to finalizing the Donor Information Form. Tax benefits depend upon your individual circumstances.

Upfront Charitable Deduction

Donors are eligible for an immediate income tax deduction today for their contributions but do not have to decide where grants are distributed until at a later time.

Potential for Gifts to Grow Over Time

Assets may be invested in a combination of the five Investment Funds with different investment objectives and have the potential to grow tax-free, meaning more can be gifted down the road to charities.

Support Charities on Your Timetable

You can decide when and how much to give to charities anytime down the road as long as they are IRS-qualified public charities, and gifts are not used for any private benefits.

Successor Options

Upon the passing of the Donor Advisor(s), the remaining principal can be left for you to start a legacy, whether by naming a Successor Donor Advisor, gifting outright to up to 10 of your favorite charities or leaving an endowment to your favorite charities (the latter two are subject to review and approval by the Board of Directors, other requirements may need to be met). A combination of the three choices may be utilized and changed anytime down the road.

Naming a Successor Donor Advisor

You may designate Successor Donor Advisor(s) to direct and recommend gifts to charitable organizations over time from the remainder of your Donor-Advised Fund account. Successor Donor Advisors may also name a successor or someone in the next generation to take over after the Donor has passed away.

Supporting Your Favorite Charities

You may designate up to 10 different charities to receive grants from the remainder of your Donor-Advised Fund account.

Leave an Endowment for Your Charities

You may leave an endowment for your favorite charities by distributing a percentage or annual grant amount over time until the Donor-Advised Fund account has been depleted. This leaves a long-lasting gifting legacy to your charities over time.

Create a Philanthropic Tradition

Designate as many generations of successor Donor Advisors to your Donor-Advised Fund account as you desire. This allows you to establish a philanthropic tradition for many years to come for your children or other important people in your life.

Enjoy Low Costs and Virtually No Paperwork

Donor-Advised Fund account costs nothing to establish and no out-of-pocket expenses are required for account maintenance. There are no additional legal fees to establish a Donor-Advised Fund. The Fund’s Administrator handles all of the record keeping and sends contribution confirmations that include the Administrator’s calculation of the associated income tax deduction.*The Board of Directors of the Trust has the authority to make all final allocation decisions.

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