We Are IRS Approved! Find Out How to Donate Today

The IRS has this to say about Nonprofits:”Charities described in section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code need funds to operate their charitable, educational, or other tax-exempt programs. These charities may choose from a number of fundraising activities for financial support.”

Giving Center is an IRS Approved 501(c)3 nonprofit charity dedicated to helping those in need across the United States! We help needy individuals, families, students, Veterans, and those affected by the Covid 19 virus.

What are some things that you can donate right now?

Financial DonationsMake financial donations by check or credit card. These payment methods can help you keep record of your donations. Giving Center will also provide you with tax documents so you can receive your tax deduction.


Giving Center accepts non-cash donations, such as boat donations,plane donations, or donate real estate. Donate items that are in good (or better) condition. Keep a list of the items you donated, for your taxes.


You can donate your car, truck, RV, or any other vehicle to a charity. Giving Center may give a donated vehicle to someone, use it for operations, or sell it at auction. If you donate a vehicle, you will need to transfer the title of the to the charity. Also, remove license plates and registration documents before you donate the car.


You may also give other types of items to Giving Center:

So whether you’d like to make a financial donation, vehicle donation, boat donation, real estate donations, or anything else contact us today! You can visit any of our above links, http://www.givingcenter.org, or give us a call at (888)228-7320 today!

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