IRS Approved Non Profit Needs Your Help

Giving Center is an IRS Approved 501(c)3 non profit charity organization located in the United States. We operate Nationwide with transporters throughout the country. We offer FREE pickup of your charitable donations! If you are looking to donate any of the below items, please follow the link or give us a call at 
(888)228-7320 today! 

What items are accepted?

Boat donations:Donate motorboat Donate yacht  Donate sailboatDonate houseboatDonate PWCDonate boat trailer
Donate real estate:Donate a houseDonate land Donate commercial property   Donate industrial propertyDonate rental propertyDonate aircraft:Donate jetDonate single prop plane Donate multi prop planeDonate helicopterDonate kit plane Donate amphibious planeDonate Collectibles:Donate comic books Donate sports memorabiliaDonate art Donate military collectibles Donate coins/jewelry Donate antiques
Donate Vehicles:Donate a car/truck/suvDonate commercial vehiclesDonate fleet vehiclesDonate an RV  Donate motorcycleDonate ATV Donate construction equipment

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