Giving Center Accepts All Types of Donations

With the COVID 19 Pandemic happening across the United States, individuals and families are in need now more than ever! Whether you’d like to donate aircraft, donate a boat, donate collectibles, donate furniture, or donate real estate, we are prepared to handle any donation you may have! We are still picking up items across the United States. So whether you’d like to donate a boat in Hawaii, donate real estate in New York, or donate a boat in Florida, we are here to help you!

When you donate watercraft to charity, you are not only getting a tax deduction but you are helping those in need that are struggling just to survive on a daily basis.
When you donate watercraft to charity you are helping others become active members of society. Many families and individuals are living below the poverty line and need assistance, that’s where Charity Boats come in. Our mission is to help those who cannot help themselves. That’s where you the donor come in, without your continued support with our mission this would not be possible.Charity Boats provides the basic necessities that many need to live on a daily basis’s. That’s where you the donor come in to help solve this problem we have here in the United States, without your continued support in this process we would be unable to continue the assistance to the many families and individuals in need. When you donate motorboatdonate sailboatdonate yachtdonate houseboatdonate personal watercraftdonate boat trailers Charity Boats then uses those donations to assist others who don’t have the means to provide for themselves. Charity Boats accepts many different types of watercrafts running or not and there is never any out of pocket cost for pick-up of your donated watercraft or trailer.Charity Boats will work around your schedule to pick up your watercraft donation and complete all necessary paper work in a timely matter. To start the process, go to and fill out the online form. This does not obligate you to donate your watercraft, it simply gives us the information we need to let you know more about the donation process in regards to your specific donation. One of our friendly transporters will get a hold of you to set up a time and date, most convenient for you, to pick up your watercraft. Charity Boats will also make sure that you get the largest tax deduction from your donation allowed by law. We are a nationwide organization that accepts watercraft from all over the United States and Canada.For more information on our charity or to fill out our online form visit our website at today. Or if you prefer you can call us toll-free 24/7 at 888–888–7187 and one of our knowledgeable and friendly volunteers will be happy to assist you with any of your donation questions. Thank you for all of your help and your continued support with our causes.

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