Donate With Us And Make A Difference

Giving Center is here to provide support for ailing communities, individuals and families who are in need of assistance.  We need your help now more than ever! With the COVID 19 Pandemic, we’ve gotten thousands of applications for assistance. It is only with your help as a donor that we can help others. With the help of volunteers and caring individuals we have been able to provide the much needed help to communities, community programs and families, throughout the United States.

GIVING CENTER 501C3 Non-Profit Charitable Organization offers:
Any Vehicle Donation over $500 entitles you to a Free Vacation Voucher!

Receive excellent tax benefits by donating to charity.  

All title & IRS paperwork completed fast!

GIVING CENTER accepts all different kinds of donations NATIONWIDE!

Donate Car – Donate Truck – Donate RV –
Donate SUV – Donate Utility Vehicle –
Donate Airplane – Donate Helicopter –
Donate Aircraft Parts – Donate Boat –
Donate Yacht – Donate Jet Ski –
Donate Trailer – Donate Real Estate –
Donate House – Donate Land –
Donate Property – Donate Jewelry –
Donate Antiques – Donate Art –
Donate Laptop – Donate iPad –
Donate Computer – Donate Equipment –
Donate Collectibles – Donate Comics –

GIVING CENTER accepts ALL types of VEHICLE donations!

Car Donation – Truck Donation – SUV Donation –
RV Donation – ATV Donation – Camper Donation –
Boat Donation – Sailboat Donation –
Motorboat Donation – Yacht Donation –
PWC Donation – Jet Ski Donation
Powerboat Donation – Houseboat Donation
Pontoon Boat Donation – Trailer Donation
Motor Donation – Aircraft Donation
Airplane Donation – Helicopter Donation –
Jet Donation

Visit any of Giving Center’s websites listed below to explore the many options available for your charitable needs.
Or Call Toll-Free: 888-228-7320

The Giving Center is unique because of our worldwide capability to facilitate and renovate any yacht or vessel donation. We also offer retention programs that guarantee your donated vessel will be retained for the sufficient time period to meet IRS requirements (Significant Intervening use period), allowing you to benefit from the maximum legal tax deduction based on the survey value of your vessel at the time of your donation.

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