COVID 19 Pandemic: We Need Your Help

Donating your old car, truck, van or other vehicle to charity is perhaps the largest single charitable contribution you may give in your lifetime. With the COVID 19 Pandemic, we need your help more than ever! Your motivation may be an act of convenience or benevolence, either way it’s important to be assured that you could obtain the maximum tax deduction allowed. 

GIVING CENTER 501C3 Non-Profit Charitable Organization offers:

Any Vehicle Donation over $500 entitles you to a Free Vacation voucher!

If you’re thinking of selling or trading in your car, truck, boat, motorcycle or RV, why not donate it instead? As a charitable contribution, your car donation could make a big difference. Plus, by making a vehicle donation to Giving Center, you will not only receive a tax deduction, you will receive a free vacation voucher for 2!

Giving Center provides donation services for any type of vehicle, anywhere in the United States. Your car, truck, motorcycle, RV, aircraft, or boat donation can be picked up anywhere in the US at no cost to you. The car donation process is quick & easy! Donate a car without the hassle of trying to sell it on your own & get fair market value tax deduction! Instead of dealing with a dealership, or selling a vehicle on your own, donating a vehicle is fast & simple. We do all of the paperwork that comes with processing vehicle donations, & you’re rewarded with knowing you have made a difference in the lives of families & individuals in need of assistance; in addition to the extra money you are left with after doing taxes!

Visit us online for more details: or call Toll-Free: 888-228-7320

Our generous donors are rewarded by the great benefits they receive by way of tax deductions as well as the piece of mind and joy that giving unto others brings. Giving Center’s network of websites provides information and access for donor’s to contribute to our mission of providing assistance to families, individuals, organizations & communities nationwide.

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