FAQs About Donating a Boat

What exactly is a boat donation?Simply put, donating yourboat means that you are relinquishing ownership of your boat, yacht, jet ski or any watercraft to a deserving charity. Instead of monetary gain, you will receive a tax deduction which may be utilized to lower your tax bracket; in most cases, this deduction is actually more useful than the money itself!
Where do the proceeds from my boat donation go and why donate to charityboats.org?
100% of the proceeds from your boat donation assists our charity in continuing with its mission! It is our mission to help with the fight against hunger, cancer, homelessness, poverty and other life struggles.
We offer extraordinary customer service as well as providing you with the maximum tax deduction allowed in the nonprofit industry! On top of all of this, you will also receive fast pick-up of your boat in all 50 states at no cost to you! Findout for yourself why we are nationally recognized for our outstanding service in all areas of boat donations; call today (888)228-7320!
What does “maximum tax deduction” mean and what else do you offer besides a tax deduction?
Maximum tax deduction means that we’ve exhausted all logical efforts to improve upon and then achieve the highest market value for your boat. We appreciate your generosity and go the extra mile to refurbish those boats that warrant repairs. Our extra elbow grease means top dollar for you when tax time comes!
Click here to view ourmost current vacation vouchers offered absolutely FREE to you with each boat donation (minimum value for boat donation does apply). Enjoy helping your fellow man (or woman), and take a relaxing vacation! You deserve the reward!
I have a very large boat, do you take large boat / yacht donations?
Yes, in fact, we are the most experienced organization in handling these types of donations! We are so experienced, that we even receive calls from other donation companies asking for our assistance moving their large vessels! If you have a large boat or yacht anywhere in the 50 states, or even parts of Mexico and Canada, we are the best donation team and most widely used organization for the job! On call captains and trained crew make large yacht donations a breeze. We will even take care of the U.S. Coast Guard filing requirements…. yes, all at no cost to you!
Do you accept jet skis and other pwcwatercraft? How about boats without motors (canoes, paddle boats, dinghy, etc.)
Yes, we accept all types of PWC in most conditions, running or not. We also are one of the few boatdonation organizations that still accept canoes, paddle boats, and all types ofnon-motorized watercraft. Motorized or not we may be able to have an agent come to your location and pick up your boat! Give us a call or simply complete our online contact form and let us know what you have to donate! One of our highly trained volunteers will contact you with the answers to any questions that you have. For your convenience, we even have live operators standing by waiting to respond to your live chat request, just click the live chat button to get started!
When will I receive my boat donation tax documents?
You will receive a temporary donation receipt at the time of pickup from one of our helpful boat donation field agents. This temporary donation receipt proves that you donated your boat to our organization as well as gives you peace of mind knowing that you are contributing to a legit nonprofit organization. Upon final disposition of your boat, your tax documents will be mailed to you. This is usually within 60 days of the initial pickup of your boat. Hand your tax documents to your accountant and you’re done! The easiest donation you’ll ever make!
Can you pick up boats in all 50 states?Every single one! We have the largest coverage area with over 97% of America covered! Even if others have said no, in most cases we can make it happen.
What’s the first step to donate my boat?Give us a call; one of our helpful agents will walk you through each step of the process. Within less than five minutes, your information can be submitted and a transporter will be in touch with you shortly after! Have a few questions? Call us and ask! An agent will be with you every step of the way. Remember, we aren’t a call center… We are a team of trained boat donation consultants. Call us and see why donors keep coming back to charityboats.orgORFill out our quick contact form by clicking here. There is no obligation by completing the form and the call is free. Just have a question? We will answer any questions you have without any obligation to make a donation. Donating your boat is just one click away! Don’t wait to make a difference. Start today!
Do I need a title for my boat to make a donation?
Not necessarily. Some states do not require that boats or PWC be titled. If this is the case in the state that your boat is located, then feel free to complete the online form to donate your boat to a great cause! If your state does require that your boat be titles, and if you have lost your title or have never had one in the first place, don’t worry; we have title recovery agents who can help walk you through the process of attaining your title.
My boat needs work; can I still donate?Yes. If your boat needs work we can help you determine what the best option is so that you receive the best deduction possible. We have volunteers across the country who donate their time and resources to our organization specifically to repair donated boats! These big-hearted volunteers make it possible for you to reap the benefits of a large tax deduction and there is absolutely no cost to you!
What if I just have a trailer to donate? Also does my boat trailer need a title?We accept trailer-only donations as well. Trailers are a great donation that can be very useful in future boat donation pickups! Remember, even without a title you may be able to donate your trailer. Many states do not even require a title for a boat trailer. If your state does require a title for the trailer, and if you have lost your trailer title, we may still be able to help! Most states have a secondary means of transfer even if you don’t have a title.

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