Donating a Boat To Charity Is Easy!

Whether you donate speedboats,donate sailboatsdonate schoonersdonate yachts, donate canoes, donate dinghy dory’s, donate johnboats, donate paddleboats, donate skiffs, donate motorboats, donate houseboats, donate tugs, donate shrimpers, donate whalers, etc. there is no better charity to give your watercraft to than Charity Boats. We do our best with every donation, no matter what is presented to us.Charity Boats is aware that many charitable organizations depend on the generosity of their donors to fund their programs. Most organizations are not equipped for the complications that go along with the complex transfer of motorized vessels. We have processed thousands of boats that include center consoles, sailboats, sport fish, yachts and ski boats. We also handle boats that are smaller as well, including small bass fishing boats, personal watercraft and aluminum row boats. We accept watercraft of all shapes and sizes because we specialize in donations of boats. There is never any out of pocket cost to our donors for pick-up of your watercraft or boat trailer. We appreciate our donors and we do our best to assist them through the process.Transferring a watercraft is more difficult than simply writing a check or donating furniture to charity. Charity Boats understands the complexities of transferring both USCG documented boats and transferring boat with state titles and registrations. We also understand the complexities of boats being picked up from storage yards, marinas and private residences. We will do our utmost to make sure the donation process is as smooth as possible. Charity Boats will work to transfer your vessel with a minimum amount of hassle.Title transfers and lien releases can be complex. We can help you understand these documents and process them with you at the Coast Guard documentation center. We can help you find the forms and apply for duplicate titles and registrations. We can help you execute power of attorney forms and work with you on your state and federal transfers. If you have an inherited boat we can help you obtain the proper forms needed to transfer your vessel from the estate.We pledge to treat all our watercraft, boat or vessel donors with courtesy. From the first contact to the completion of the process, you can be assured that the Charity Boats volunteers will give you the best service that a charity can offer!Your charitable contribution to our charity in the form of a watercraft is eligible for a tax deduction. You will be provided with form 1098-C which will enable you to receive this tax benefit. will pick up your watercraft at no charge to our donors whether it runs or not. Charity Boats will also give you the most allowed by law on your tax deductions.Charity Boats accept most boats in most conditions; the watercraft doesn’t have to be running for us to accept it. Please feel free to call us at 888–228-7320 if you have any questions.

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