Donate Your Gadgets

Donate Your Electronics To Charity Today

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, about 2.37 million tons of e-waste ended up in landfills in 2009. And unfortunately, many of the electronic gadgets dumped in landfills are still usable.

If you’re like me, your old devices end up sitting in a closet or storage space every time you upgrade to a new computer, cellphone, TV, or drone. However, instead of letting the old electronics sit there collecting dust – or tossing them into the trash – consider donating them.You can see your obsolete items go to a good cause and gain a new life, and furthermore, if you donate your unwanted electronics, you can receive a tax deduction for charitable contributions. You’ll have to itemize your taxes, but you can deduct the fair market value of any electronic device you give to charity, as well as any boatvehicle, real estate, or collectibles.Donating your old electronics with Giving Center will free up storage space in your house and help out a worthy cause at the same time. We’ll make sure you get a donation receipt and send you the appropriate tax documentation. You’ll need to keep the receipt for your tax records when you file for a deduction. You may also want to have them handy in case of a tax audit.

Donate laptops, desktops, servers, gadgets, and other tech equipment in any condition to Computers with Causes, an organization that refurbishes donated electronics and then gives them away to schools, foster homes, veterans, and more. Donations are accepted on a case-by-case basis, so you’ll have to fill out the form telling them what you have and wait for your items to be accepted. They accept donations from all 50 states—just head to the site and click on the map to see details for donating where you live.For more information, visit or call them at 888-228-7320 today!

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